--Genealogy of Geneva Hashes--

  • Kuala Lumpur HHH (December 1938)
  • Jakarta HHH (March 1971)
  • Mombasa HHH (April 11, 1983)
  • Milan HHH (1990)
  • Royal Milan & Bordighera HHH (May 22, 1993)
  • Leman Geneva HHH (November 11, 1993)
  • Swiss France HHH (January 11, 1997)
  • Geneva Leap Year HHH (February 29, 2000)
  • Two Valleys HHH (September 11, 2001)

--Swiss Nash Hash History--

Zurich H3
Zurich 1992

OnOn to history
Now this is number one and the fun has just
Roll m’over
Zurich H3
Zurich 1993

We’ll keep practising
Now this is number two and I don’t know what to
Roll m’over
Bern H3
Bern 1994

Now this is number three and I’ve got her on my
Roll m’over
Leman Geneva
Haut Savoie 1995

Lake & Mountains
Now this is number four and I’ve got her on the
Roll m’over
Zurich H3
Zurich 1996

Chocolate galor
Now this is number five and we take the dirty
Roll m’over
Basel H3
Basel 1997

Secret hideaway
Now this is number six and I’ve got her in a
Roll m’over
Lucerne H3
Eigenthal 1998

Mixed hashing
Now this is number seven and we’ll never go to
Roll m’over
St.Cergue 1999

So What
Now this is number eight and the doctor’s at the
Roll m’over
Bern H3
Grindewald 2000

We never run out of UP
Now this is number nine and the twins are doing
Roll m’over
Leman Geneva H3
Bernex 2001

Midsummer madness
Now this is number ten and we’ll do it all
Roll m’over, in the clover
 Roll m’over, lay me down and do it again

--French Nash Hash History--

  • 1998: Beaujolais: Sans Clue , Paris
  • 1999: Dordogne: Leman Geneve, Divonne
  • 2000: Champagne: Sans Clue, Paris
  • 2001: Alps Maritime: Riviera, Valbonne
  • 2002: Luberon: Leman Geneve ,Divonne