--Hash Roles/Responsibilities--

Ever wandered what all those weird titles like
Grand Mattress, Religious Advisor, Beer Meister, really mean?
Who ARE these people and what do they do? Here's your check list!

Beer Meister:

Every hashers' best friend. Buys, stores, quality controls and transports beer and hash supplies. Wherever the pack goes, the beer wagon is sure to follow!

Grand Mattress:

The voice of authority in this otherwise unruly pack. Responsible for calling and chairing mis-management committee meetings, presenting hash awards, central contact point for other hashes worldwide.


Sets the trail, sends flash details to the trail master/mistress, coordinates beer-stop and organizes ON-ON.

Hash Cash:

Maintains hash financial records. Deposits and withdraws money from the Hash account as appropriate. Distributes hash funds for major events.

Hash Flash:

Collects photographic evidence at major hash events (including namings) and pack mug-shots. Compiles a library of embarrassing photos suitable for posting on the Web.

Hash Geek:

Takes care of the hash web site and maintains e-mailing lists. Issues all trail flashes and announces upcoming world-wide hash events.

Hash Habber Dasher:

Finds new ideas for essential hash-ware including design of t-shirts and coordinates printing and pricing.

Hash Scribe: Compiles witty write-ups of hash events for the hash archives.
Hash Tax:

Collects run fees from the pack, maintains spreadsheets of weekly attendees and announces hash anniversaries.


Simple job really: Show up, pay up and drink up.

Religious Advisor:

Responsible for the weather and post-run circle; decrees appropriate drinking punishments for hash crimes and performs naming ceremonies.

Song Meister:

Leads the pack in song at hash-holds, post-run circles and major hash events.

Trail Master/Mistress:

Monthly planning of hash trails. Hiring and firing of hares and compilation of monthly trail flashes. Advises new hares on the art of laying a hash trail.


First time hasher.