CHFH3: Mis-Management Committee

CHFH3: Mis-Management Committee
Hash Handle Backup/Support/Comments
Grand Matress: Sherlock
Hash Geek: Jack Rabbit
Beer Meister Coordinator:
Fleche Pot
Hash Tax: Brave Fart
Hash Cash: Roger the Cabin Boy & Bitch is Back
Religious Advisors:

Brave Fart, S*xposure, Silly Punt, SCL, Passing Wind & RtCB.

 Assistance from Spiderwoman, when required.

Hon-Sex: Passing Wind
Hash Stats: Sunset Strip
Hash Flasher (photographer): Intent S*x
Trail Meister: S*xposure
Habber Dasher: Silly Gilly
Hash Awards: Sarah Come Lately & Silly Gilly
Song Meisters: Weekend Poker & Passing Wind
Auditor: Wellington
Recruitment: Battered Hare with assistance from Weekend Poker
Mascot: Max (the dog)