Run 577, Wednesday 31 January


Hare: Tightarse
Weather: Brass monkeys with black ice everywhere

Suprisingly, about 30 people set off for the "born again Tightarse" run even though it was bloody cold.

Only six were lost:

In the opinion of the hare, the run was long only because it took most of the pack about 20 minutes to cross the main road at the start and then they proceeded to run round a building for a further 10 minutes rather than look for the trail, which was clearly marked with an arrow.

Escalade child abuser Sex in the City was seen to smile (or was it wince) both during and after the run.

Wellington was spotted in front at one stage and on trail.

A very sensible dog refused to set off on the trail and it took at least ten minutes to persuade it to pass the first blobs.

The downside, in the opinion of the hare, was that: