CHFH3 Trail Report for 2001


Highlights in 2001 included the 250th run; the new Jura-version of the Annecy Bike Hash, a new look Geneva HHH web site and……...the anthrax scare.

Useless Information

  • 52 Wednesday trails were set: 30 in the Canton of Geneva; 8 in Vaud, 1 in Valais and 13 over the border in France.
  • 13 virgin hares/co-hares.
  • 27 on-ons bravely hosted at hash homes.
  • EverReady, La Pipe, OzItalia, MegaByte and FuzzyNaval left us for colder, and in some cases warmer, climes.
  • New hash-handles included DoggyBag, E-Man, BareFootBeetle, CowLick, SwissHare, Cum’n’Go, BananaHammer, WeekendPoker, Jack the Whipper.

Who completed the most runs in 2001?

  • Wellington: 46
  • Alzheimer: 45
  • IWIN & SexPosure: 41
  • FlechePot & Herpes: 39
  • PoohBear, PopUp & TightArse: 38
  • TinTin: 32

Monthly Highlights in 2001


IWIN got us off to a good start with her annual New Year run at Mulligan’s; plenty of chocolate and blood on trail followed by a nice bit of bird at Chez Ma Tante. Champagne downdowns chez Herpes mid-month to celebrate PopUp and PoohBear’s hash engagement. The first Chinese New Year run was hosted by Captain Sensible and HillBilly in Eaux-Vives.


Red dress run on Valentine’s Day organized by Farting Führer and HubblyBubbly. Red dresses really DO suit Likk’mm; shame about the legs. Most romantic moment prize awarded to HillBilly who un-beknown to the pack got married 2 weeks earlier. A wonderful paella was served which defeated even the hungry pack. Likk’mm gave up after just 7 servings and stumbled off in search of his train.

Virgin hare Hiccup’s first trail left him on crutches for several weeks; an aptly named hasher…!


WanderBra had a record hangover, leaving the pack hare-less. Mistakenly stumbled on the pack at the circle so suitably punished with multiple beery down-downs. Moral of the story: get drunk ON the hash, not before it.

Woody dropped in from Buenos Aires and was honoured with the ‘Turquoise Latino Trek’.

Marathon trail set by Vampire T-bag on the Quick Brew hash came complete with vertical rain and extra doses of shiggy. HubblyBubbly’s home-made onion soup gratefully lapped up several hours later.


Month of the Fancy dress run:

  • The “Easter Bunny run” hosted by GreenFrog and SpiderWoman. FRBs caught cheating in the egg-and-spoon race. The things grown men will do for a chocolate bunny…
  • The ‘leather’ run hosted by Wellington and FlêchePot….


Can’tSayNo went over the preverbial hill in Carouge.

CHFH3 tucked 250 runs under it’s belt with fun and frolics along the way and life really began at 50 for SexPosure when the pack introduced him to his new partner in crime, virgin Tracey, aka blow-up sex goddess.


A quick dip in the frog-pool with GreenPussy in Versonnex, including extra-marital affairs as Wellington gets to know Tracey.

CHFH3 AGPU hosted by FartingFührer in Sauverny and election of the new CHFH3 MMC.

DeepThroat introduced CHFH3 to the tennis ball on a string method of laying a trail and a potential new hash beer-wagon found, dumped in St.Genis outback.


IWIN led us to the wettest July 4th celebrations yet known to CHFH3. Diluted beers, drowned fireworks but plenty of singing from the pack.

The Annecy Bike Hash, hared by Wellington, ForestDump and SexPosure, took a new route across the gently rolling hills of the Jura. A handful of daring cyclo-maniacs braved nuclear bunkers, monsoon weather conditions and a tear-away herd of cows. Naturally, the RA arranged the weather but WHO got those cows to tongue-dry our bikes for us? (Pictures)

CHFH3’s most sinful run hosted in Coppet in the form of the massage run. Sex on the trail not only tolerated but even encouraged. Prize for the most erotic massage awarded to SpiderWoman.

Wonderful down hill trail with Lucsious Lips in Crozet BUT.. what goes down MUST go up…. And Up…AND UP.


Quick lap of the horse-race track in Divonne with SirPokeaLot. Did he KNOW they’d be training at the same time?

Mr. DoggyFashion’s annual river-crossing in Collex-Bossy.

Intrepid cyclists caught out even before the Collonges-sous-Salève run started, as Fungus failed to mention we’d be circling up more or less at the TOP of the Salève.


Traditional grappa stop in Begnins courtesy of TinkerBell and Cum-n-Go. Surreptitious torch-lit tour of TinkerBells hash garden left Hiccup lost for words (QUITE an achievement on all scores).

Iron Lady passed out on trail in St.Jean and Likk'mm missed his train AGAIN.


Check back 100 used and abused by virgin hare SwissHare.

CHFH3 entered the world of the anthrax scare and new means of laying a trail were sought; all methods tried and dis-proven, especially blue chalk on rainy nights. Tighter security incited the hares to send passport-less, mud caked, unruly pack round the airport perimeter and across borders with alarmingly increased frequency.

Peanut-tree field sewed by Hiccup in Confignon. Expected harvest: 2005.

Wash-out Halloween run in Versonnex saw Julie Andrews get very wet with a pumpkin.


Multiple hashy-Birthdays celebrated with champagne down-downs and the hash prick came back into circulation after several months absence.

Pub-crawl hash à la WanderBra saw virgin, Oliver, have a close encounter with a diaper pin. TightArse became the first CHFH3 harriette to complete 200 runs and the beermeisters forgot to bring the beer. Extra hearty singing from the pack highly appreciated by egg-throwing ‘neighbours’.


FullTerm was in town with a wonderful new Birthday song for Week-End poker and PoohBear dusted off the dog bowl!

A christening with a difference saw JacktheWhipper inaugurated with whipped cream and Wellington and FlechePot bravely hosted the first Wengens hash.

On-On to 2002

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