CHFH3 Trail Report for 2002

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Highlights in 2002 included the 300th and the 333 run; the 1st CHFH3 Charity Run, two sauna hashes, Massage Hash Take II and the prestigious FlyingBooger Award for the Geneva-HHH Web site.

Useless Information

  • 51 Wednesday trails were set: 30 in the Canton of Geneva; 11 in Vaud and 10 over the border in France.
  • 3 week-end events were organized jointly with LGH3: The Chemin St. Jacques Bike Hash, the Thanksgiving Hash and the Geneva HHH Christmas Hash.
  • 26 Wednesday on-ons were bravely catered for by the hares.
  • Virgin hares included ChillyWilly, Hoarmoan, JacktheWhipper, Jeeves, MissLaid and NacroArthur.
  • Mr. & Mrs. DoggyFashion and Hiccup left for pastures new.  Jack The Whipper left and came back again!
  • New hash-handles included AngelDust, ChillyWilly, FreeWilly, HippyLongStocking, MarsBar, MissLaid, NacroArthur and QuickRelease.

Who completed the most runs in 2002?

Cumming Soon...!!

Monthly Highlights in 2002


For another year running(!), "I Want It Now" got 2002 off to a great start for CHFH3 with the Chez ma Cousine Chicken run.   The first CHFH3 Sauna Hash was hosted by JackRabbit and NoSten at the Bain des Paquîs and the Geneva HHH Web site won the Flying Booger "Cool Hash page of the month" Award.


The first Chinese New Year Run hared by FlêchePot and Wellington introduced CHFH3 to a variety of new Chinese hash symbols which confused even the soberest of harriettes!  AlpineClimax warmed us all up with fondu in St. Cergue.


Virgin hare LightsOut lost all the walkers on trail with TightArse; eventually rescued by car.  Virgin hares ChillyWilly and NacroArthur found guilty of serious flour under-abuse.  FreeWilly joined the ranks of hashhandles and TinkerBell & Cum'N'Go announced their Hash engagement.


PopUp and PoohBear's prenuptial red-dress run (Pictures) and CHFH3 celebrated it's 300th run hosted by the outgoing GMs, IWIN and Herpes.  Special 300th run shot-glasses awarded to all present to mark the occasion.  WellOiled set his shortest run ever in Les Chèvres; was he ill?


Wine tasting in Vaud with TooSexy.......  


Mr. DoggyFashion set his final CHFH3 run--OnOut to Greece.  TinkerBell and Cum'n'Go hosted their post-nuptial/house-warming hash. CHFH3 AGPU hosted by ForrestDump in Crans and election of the new CHFH3 MMC.


The annual CHFH3 Bike Hash returned to Annecy and everyone made it safely back minus the hypothermia. Massage Hash II hosted by Alzheimer, ElectricOrgasm & TDCP (Pictures) proved equally as successful as Take I held in 2001.  Dress/lingerie-clad harriettes ForrestDump, Jeeves and NoSten turned a few local heads during the American Star-Spangled Hash. 


1st CHFH3 Charity Run held in St. Cergue saw some 40 hashers donate their beer fee to the charity 'Médicins Sans Frontières'.  Beer-fees and hash raffle raised 402 sf.  BBQ à la Hoarmoan in Collonges.


Featured, the first Chemin St. Jacques bike hash offered jointly by CHFH3/LGH3 and hared by IWIN.  Captain Sensible hit the big 40 but clearly became no more sensible and PopUp & PoohBear opened up their new home to hash circles.  


Cum'n'Go spilled a lot of blood on his own trail. Can't Say No launched the latest line in CHFH3 fashion wear and Halloween Special in Collonges (Pictures)


Guy Fawkes Bonfire hash in St. Cergues.  CHFH3 celebrated run 
333 with wine-tasting, fondu, raclette and dancing under canvas in Anières. Sauna Hash Take II.  LGH3/CHFH3 Thanksgiving Hash.


Captain Sensible was back in town for a week, green wig 'n all.  The joint LGH3/CHFH3 Christmas party was a huge success and Christmas cocktails courtesy of Jeeves and Vampire Tea-Bag rounded 2002 off nicely for CHFH3

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