CHFH3 Original Rules


The following is a summary of the original rules of CHFH3. What was apparent from the planning of this hash was the emphasis on rotation, change, and getting new people involved !!


The decision was made that the new Geneva Hash Club would be known as the "Swiss Franc(e) Harriettes"- CHFH3 and that the club for the present would not be registered but that rules would be established and used as guide-lines for the club until it became established. Runs would be held every Wednesday. Circle before warm up and hare instructions, to commence at 7 pm. Hare to organize someone to mark the back trail for any late comers, walkers, etc. Runs to be kept to approximately 1 hour on Wednesdays and at the discretion of the hare for special runs and events.


Mis-Managment to meet once a quarter and meeting to be kept to a reasonable time limit. Hash Cash to present books and financial report at each meeting. Positions to be filled on hash mismanagement are :

Core Positions

  • Grand Master
  • Religious Advisor
  • Hash Cash
  • On Sec

Worker Positions

  • Beer Meister
  • Trail Master
  • Hash Geek
  • Haberdasher
  • Hash Tax
  • Hash Statistics
  • Hash Flash
  • Song Meister

For the position of Hash Cash the following applies:

  • Any accounts/cash/book-keeping are to be fully open, fully accountable, and fully controllable.
  • Any person wishing to see accounts kept by Hash Cash to be allowed access.
  • No individual commitments for outlay of money above 100 CHF will be honored by Hash Cash. Individuals who commit funds above this amount without prior consent of mismanagement will be solely responsible.
  • Two signatures compulsory on all cheques.

Nominations for Office

All members elected at the AGM (Annual General Meeting or Annual General Piss-up) to hold office for a period of one year only in any one of the core positions, and for no more than 2 years, provided a different core position was undertaken. Worker positions may be rotated with no time limit for upholding that position, and those members elected to core positions may also hold a worker position.