Finding Your Way to the Hash

Locations and Bus Stops

The LGH3 (Monday and second Sunday of the month - except when it's on a different day) and CHFH3 (Wednesday) trail flashes are supposed to be the definitive indication of where each hash is. They sometimes even include directions that look sort of convincing until you try to follow them, but you may want a little more help. Let's face it, the instructions are written by people who already know how to get there and assume that you also know the area and just want a little reminder. As for the public transport instructions, most of the hares have not used a Geneva bus for years, so it's worth looking it up for yourself before you set out.

The transport timetable and list of forthcoming runs below provide an attempt at maps and public transport details that may not appear in the flashes, but use at your own risk - some entries are guesses which have not been checked by the hare and any last minute changes sent in the hash flashes may not have been taken into account either. Given an appropriate bus/tram/train stop (or even an address within Switzerland), the timetable form will provide you with a reasonable stab at a route and timing for getting to the hash by public transport. Any map links provided may also be useful to drivers.

Geneva H3 Online Public Transport Timetable
(If you are directed to the wrong town, try prefixing the bus-stop with "Genève, " or village name)
Time: Departure Arrival
Forthcoming runs
Date Location Closest stop

If you don't trust the timetables provided by this system (for example, some of the suggested bus connections don't leave much time to allow for heavy traffic), try working out a route for yourself from the CFF timetable system (which powers the above form) or the TPG maps and timetables.


The instructions in the hash flashes will often turn out to make little sense on their own, or be impossible to get back onto if you make a wrong turning. If you're staying in Geneva for any length of time, get yourself a copy of the Maxi Plan Sur Le Grand Genève (yellow cover) - an extremely good map of the canton of Geneva, including bus stop information (and the bus routes themselves, though it's likely that some of these will have changed since the map was made). It's also very good for working out where to set a trail (hint hint - contact your friendly local trailmaster now!). If you're staying less long, at least try to pick up a Unireso (local public transport) plan de réseau (3MB PDF 2005 version of main map section), free from one of the TPG agencies (in the main station and at the rond-point de Rive). These should be a great deal more useful than the dodgy standard tourist maps in making sense of the instructions, whether you're using public transport or driving. Failing that, if no link is provided from the table above try putting the location into one of the following:

Geneva Public Transport Generally

Geneva offers a good public transport service to most of the canton and to some places in Vaud and neighbouring France which get used for hashes. There is a combined fare system (Unireso) which allows you to use a single ticket which is valid on trains, trams, buses, trolley-buses and mouettes within the region. Tickets (other than the "Saut de puce") are valid for a specified period of time from purchase (or occasionally validation, for some buses from France) within a certain number of zones.