--LGH3 Financial Guidelines--

(Issued June 1996)

Run fee

A sum of money set from time to time by the LGH3’s mismanagement committee.

This fee is payable by each person participating in any one or combination of  run, beer stop or circle. Exceptions are: Children under 16 years The lead hare Visitors First time hounds aka virgins Each hounds Run Count is updated for each run fee received. Participating hounds who do not pay there run fee will be included in the attendance count as Not Qualified (NQ) and their Run Count will not be updated.

Some hints:

  • Persons running who leave before paying their fee to Hash Tax (HT) will be booked by the Religious Advisor (RA).
  • Before each circle HT gives the RA the list of NQ entitled to the punishment award.
  • Hashers wealthly enough to finance frankless hashers are responsible for all recovery proceedings.

Run fees have two purposes:

  • Cover the cost of refreshments on the run, at beer stops and at the ON-In (aka the DOWN-DOWNs or the circle)
  • Contribute towards the cost of hash awards. (As agreed from time to time by the mismanagement committee.)

Refreshments can be either liquid or solid:

  • Liquid refreshments can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.
  • Both must be provided by the Beer Meister (BM).
  • The choice of which one is to be sampled is entirely up to the individual hasher.
  • Solid refreshments are solely at the discretion of the BM.

Note: although this is an item that should not break the BM*s budget there have been precedents set by LGH3. These precedents are somewhat jealously guarded in the minds of veteran hashers. BM*s wishing to score points with virgin hashers should ask the TrailMaster (TM) for guidance.

The current budget sets this fee as:




Run refreshments



Hash awards







Hash events would not be complete without providing hounds with an opportunity to recuperate grams, or ounces, lost on the run. Reminiscing about past trails; griping about the run and planning future hash events are some of the activities encouraged.  There are two formats for ON-ONs: Catering arranged by LGH3. Reservation at a restaurant or equivalent eating place. The choice is agreed between the hare and the TM.

Major achievements of a successful ON-ON include:


  • Encourage the song master to remain for the ON-ON. However, the song master’s presence will not guarantee you success if the hare permits the song master to be overburdened with tasks which are the responsibility of other mmc hashers.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to join in the singing.
  • Decide in advance on the songs for the occasion and circulate the words.
  • Call on nationals to contribute with one or their favorite songs. This is sometimes quite difficult. Believe it or not, there are hashers, who once having escaped the geographical boundaries of their homelands, tend to forget even their national athems.


  • Hares are instructed to have a good supply of liquids.
  • Tradition has it that beer has priority. However, there will always be hashers to whom wine is the chosen preference.
  • Never overlook the tee-totallers.
  • Don’t forget the children. Water is always a good standby. Kids always appreciate a can of coke. Especially if it’s all their’s!


  • Food should be nourishing.
  • Famished hashers may even be hood-winked by the quality.
  • BBQs, picnics and similar outdoor solutions are welcomed during the summer.
  • Winters are great for fondue, pizza, vegetable soup, goulash and similar solutions.
  • Help weakened hashers to rapidly regain their lost calories.


  • Hash joker can be called on to start the ball rolling. Despite appearances, it is not obligatory that a part of human anatomy be the subject.
  • Inspire creativity by leaving a joke book within easy view of the shy hashers.

OnOn Fee

A sum of money set from time to time by LGH3*s MisManagement Committee (MMC) for meals that are catered by the hashers.

This fee is payable by each person participating at the ONON. Exceptions are: Children between 6 and 16 years pay half the fee. Children under 6 do not pay. The lead hare and one support person. The current budget sets this fee as:














Paying hash fees

Cashiers are hashers although several things make them stand out in a crowd.

Watch for these tell tale signs:

  • Eyes that glint even on a rainy day with no onions in sight.
  • Overbearing manners.
  • Despite heroic attempts to offset the repetitive “HAVE YOU?” with an over-sized grin.
  • Active fingers. At LGH3 only people with at least four can qualify for this prestigious position.

There are many ways for hashers to reduce hash cash stress:

  • Pay hash fees in advance.
  • When requested, deposit sums in the LGH3 bank account.
  • Keep the receipt.
  • Bring the receipt to the hash event concerned.
  • Check that HTax records your payment.
  • Pay hash expenses against which hash event fees can be offset.
  • Always show up with at least the run fee.
  • Not forgetting to reimburse helpful hashers who momentarily cover a short fall.

Hash event report

A hash event is incomplete without this historical document.

Everyone can help hash cash (or delegate for the occasion).

  • Record your hash name. This will ensure that ON-sec won’t overlook you and that this run will be added to your record.
  • Add a comment to help hash scribe remember the highlights of the event for the next hash flash.
  • Fill in key data, if missing.
  • The total to be collected. This is the fee per person multiplied by the number of persons who are required to pay.
  • Total of the attached receipts.
  • Amount of cash retained.
  • Number of hares, support and hounds.
  • Number of persons who ate.

Reimbursing expenses

Expenses paid by a hasher on behalf of LGH3 can fall into one of three categories:

  • Incurred by the hare for the hash event.
  • Refreshments paid for by the beermeister.
  • One time expenses pre-authorized by mmc.

Note: No expenses should be reimbursed without receipts.

Using currencies


  • Event fees can be collected in any currencies.
  • LGH3s most common currencies are Swiss francs and Euros.
  • The exchange rate is CHF1=EUR.7. Or EUR1=CHF1.50.
  • The rate to be applied when exchanging other currencies is agreed with the event organizer.


  • Reimburse expenses with non-swiss currencies first.
  • Hares who eat, pay for their meal.
  • The amount due can be offset by deduction from the expense reimbursement.
  • Reimburse against receipts only.
  • Reimburse hares for on-on expenses before leaving the hash event.


  • Leftover cash belongs in LGH3s bank account.
  • Fill in a deposit slip – note the run #.
  • Take the deposit slip and swiss francs to the nearest swiss PTT.
  • Attach the deposit receipt to the event report.


The preferred method by which the hash cash should maintain accountability.

  • Determine the reason for the imprest account.
  • Request authorization of the imprest amount from mmc.
  • Do not mix imprest expenditures with the cash left over from hash events.
  • Reimburse the imprest account based on receipts only.

Reputation and goodwill

  • Collect all fees owing.
  • Give discounts only when conditions have been respected.
  • Provide the mmc with timely financial information.
  • Pay bills on time.