--Leman Geneva Hash House Harriers: Trail Reporting 2000--


Seventy two trails were organized involving a total of thirty eight hares. For many this was their first experience towards mastering the skills of trail-making. Just to mention a few of these memorable events we'll begin with the traditional:

  • January joint LGH3/RMBH3 ski hash: This year the site selected was Chatel; France which gave the skiers access to the domains of Portes du Soleil. And the RA's performed with metres of fresh snow requiring teams of willing hands to dig out the cars on Sunday. Hares were Tone Deaf, Deep Throat and Paint Stripper. Most of the 82 participants stared in disbelief at PS's bare-skiing antics at 1 am on Saturday morning in front of the chalet. Iron Lady with a broken wrist was, except for her tongue, completely useless. Padrino and the five coordinators took over the organization. DJ Sputnik took charge of the disco.
  • February and March runs helped us get through the coldest part of the winter.
  • Spring days of April found the Ozzies and Kiwis at the Lake for the first ANZAC run.
  • May was a great time to run in Apples, nr Lausanne with a contingent from Grenoble. This month's highlight was naturally the AGM hosted by Hand Job at his villa on the lake.
  • June Blade Runner's birthday saw 41 well wishers circling up in Trembley Park. She led them all a merry chase and they all collapsed in the park to enjoy cool aid and chocolate cake.
  • July and August summer trails included several memorable picnics and BBQ's. Thanks to hares Alpine Climax - in the alps; Fungus - on the plains; Hash Baby and Annette - in the forest; Scarlett O'Harlett's family BBQ with Kaptain Kardiak's trail on the hottest afternoon of the summer and Oswald's virgin trail through Champel and the nearby rivers.
  • September saw our bowling enthusiasts striking out with Wanderbra and Cave Bear and our biking enthusiasts following Deep Throat's trail through Cluny, Burgundy.
  • October offered opportunities to explore vineyards, riverbanks, lake views and halloween.
  • November's autumn days found us exploring Nyon and Lyon in the rain as we prepared for
  • December's Escalade. And the year would not have been complete without a Tight Arse run round Veyrier; Body Language's run through the countryside of Mies; Sex Club's view of Geneva dressed up the year end festivities and Mr.& Mrs. Doggy Fashion's Christmas Hash in Collex-Bossy.

Useless information:

  • Seven or 18% of the hares were virgins.
  • 10 - 20% of trails started at new meeting points.
  • Co-haring: Fifteen or 21% of the trails were prepared between two or more hares.
  • We hashed in four french regions and three swiss regions.

Thanks for hashing with LGH3 and On On to 2001.
LGH3 Trailmasters 2000
Captain Sensible and Iron Lady