--Leman Geneva Hash House Harriers: Trail Reporting 2001--


Seventy one trails were organized during this past year involving a total of forty nine hares, excluding Santa’s elves and many trail supporters who too often remain unmentioned. For many of these hares it had been their first experience towards mastering the skills of trail-making. This is an opportunity to relive just a few of these memorable events beginning with:

  • January and Likk’mms New Year’s Day run through downtown Geneva followed by Kaptain Kardiak’s moonlight run through Genthod when Deodorant was spotted mixing russian vodka with orange and Alzheimer submitted to pouring beer into white plastic cups! The Russian New Year was celebrated in freezing temperatures between candy and vodka stops. Julie Andrews ran us through Carouge and a poor soul was stripped and christened TDCP for short. Captain Sensible wrapped up the month by haring both his and Deep Throat’s trails.

  • February saw elite packs of resilient hounds checking out Divonne, Bernex, Previssin and Crozet. A superb day in St.Cergue was hosted by Alpine Climax.

  • March Woody joined the hounds in the mild but wet rain. The drenched pack were thriving on a Tight Ass trail around the flooding banks of the Arve. All were rescued by the hot wine! Tin Tin had the good sense to call Carry Out in Phoenix to find the location of the beerstop on Sex Club’s run and an excellent full course sit down meal at her hideaway wrapped up this month.

  • April we ran into a blizzard on the Saleve and just to go to Pizza Hut CS hared a run through Cointrin. Alzheimer and Roll Over hared the ANZAC run for the Ozzies and Kiwis complete with music, beer, sandwiches, games and koalas, kiwis and kangaroos hanging from the trees.

  • May the reelection of the mismanagement committee, organized by KK in the english church near Mt.Blanc went off without a hitch except that the RAs forgot to order the taps in the sky to be turned off. Did it pour? Were they reelected!! We all dried out in the Vaud sunshine sampling Too Sexy’s portughese wine.

  • June was an opportunity to hash the Green Valley and enjoy a sumptuous BBQ hosted by Green Frog & Spider Woman. Highlight of 2001 was the Tenth Swiss Nash Hash in Bernex. Hared by IWIN, our specialist in Hangover runs it was surprising that fifteen hounds found there way to the fountain near Mulligan’s. And even more enjoyed Chez Ma Cousine chicken.

  • July and August summer trails included a memorable picnic at the Pertes de la Valserine, farewell to La Pipe with wine tasting in Dardagny, a Fete de Genève Hangover hared by TA and Oswaldo - without shiggy - a Well Oiled special with first FRB struggling in at 9pm. Not only was Guido’s apartment in Ferney inauguarated but so were two pairs of new shoes. Perhaps the summer highlight was the Harry Potter Initiation hosted by Wellington and Flechepot at Corsier Port, hared by Can’t Say No and Julie Andrews as Womping Willow.

  • September GM hash on Mont Musy, LGH3’s birthplace saw the christening of five children. 22 joined Reverse Geere inaugurate Two Valley’s Hash weekend in Nans-sous-St.Anne. Spaghetti Junction earned his name in St.Genis and after a great run along both sides of the Rhone, Cold Turkey managed to get his pack to the superb restaurant in Vernier by 10pm.

  • October in Nyon once more searching for Snow Bunny’s blobs that hadn’t washed away. A handy overhung protected the beer stop and the shelter of DT’s tailgate and some brollies provided a cozy and friendly circle. The superb nosh at SB’s place was greatly appreciated. As last clients in CS’s travel agency we feasted on sandwiches, cake and champagne. Bag Lady was finally christened, with a bag over her head! One of the best trails ever set in Challex took us down into the river gully and back up through the wet and slippery woods. It was chestnuts, wine tasting and a swim in Submarine and Able Semen’s pool back in Pougny. One more christening, this time the waters of the once pretty fountain of Place du Bourg Four.

  • November's began with our first Guy Fawkes bonfire, organized by Alpine Climax assisted by Catwalk Kid, in St. Cergue. It was also our first Thanksgiving hash hosted by Cold Turkey and Bag Lady. Wellington’s trail kept the "anti-terrorist" squad from Berne busy with sample taking and toxic neutralizing while Flechepot celebrated. A Mexican/Spanish evening hared by El Sordo, Madrid and Dracula’s Daughter, Mexico City prepared us for winter.

  • December's Escalade even brought out Signpost and IdleVice. And the year would not have been complete without the Mr.& Mrs. Doggy Fashion’s Christmas Hash in Collex-Bossy. Deep Throat hared the children’s trail and it took Wanderbra, Sex Club and Iron Lady to stand in for Mrs. Doggy Fashion, on duty in a warmer part of the world.

Useless information:

  • For twenty hares it was their first trail setting experience in Geneva. Of the forty locations hashed this year, nine were first time meeting points: six within the Geneva region. For fun, the hashers responsible for demonstrating initiative are recognized as hares of the year:

  • Region Community Hares Run # Run Date
    Geneva, Ch Bernex Wanderbra & Sputnik 425 12 February
      Cointrin Captain Sensible 435 9 April
      Cologny Wanderbra 445 4 June
      Corsier Port Wellington, Flechpot,
    Can’t Say No & Julie Andrews
    460 18 August
      Loex Well Oiled 439 7 May
      Vessonaz Wanderbra 485 17 December
    Vaud, Ch Aclens Too Sexy 441 20 May
    Haute Savoie, Fr Boeges, Valle Verde Green Frog & Spider Woman 444 6 June
    Doubs, Fr Nans-sous-St-Anne Reverse 465-467 14-16 Sep
  • Co-haring: Thirty two or 45% of the trails were prepared between two or more hares. In keeping with our bi-country tradition, we hashed in three french and two swiss regions.
  • A special thanks to the many persons who contributed to the success of our 2001 program, Whether as hare, hound, host, organizer, scribe, beermeister or hash tax your contribution was important. The 2001 award list is attached.

Thanks for hashing with LGH3 and On On to 2002.
LGH3 Trailmasters 2001
Iron Lady and WanderBra