Swiss Franc(e) Hash House Harriettes (CHFH3) run every Wednesday evening. It meets somewhere in the Geneva region (cantons of Geneva/Vaud or neighbouring France) and runs for about an hour, ending up with drinks and then go on for a meal.

Normal cost for the run is 5 CHF (to cover beer, snacks, awards, etc.). If you go to the "On On" (meal afterwards), it's usually 15 CHF if it's at someone's house or whatever it costs at a restaurant (hares are encouraged to find restaurants where the cost is no more than 25 CHF, but that's quite difficult to manage in most parts of Geneva).

If you would like to participate in an event, please go to our MeetUp site for all the details. You’ll need to register for the On-On (meal afterwards), with registrations on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please remember that a registration should be a solid commitment to turn up at the On-On, rather than mere impulse, where a last minute cancellation could be preventing someone else from attending the On-On.

The Statutes govern the activities of the club. For responsible participation, it is strongly recommended and advised that attendees have their own private RC "Responsabilité civile" cover, civil liability insurance, before participating in our events.

Mailing List

There are (at least) three ways to join the mailing list:

  • Click on this link and enter your personal (preferably not work) e-mail address ; or
  • Send an e-mail from your personal (preferably not work) e-mail account to: ; or
  • Create a account and join the genevahhh group - this takes a little longer but gives you much better control if you ever want to change e-mail addresses or manage other settings such as notifications.
  • If neither of these options seem to work for you, send an e-mail to and ask to be added.

To unsubscribe (be removed) from the mailing list:

  • Send an e-mail to: ; or
  • Go to, log into your account, click on "edit membership" for the group and either change the message delivery settings to "special notices" or "web only" or else click on "leave group".
  • If neither of these options seem to work for you, send an e-mail to and ask to be removed.

Setting a Trail

Praise for Frog Chopper's Guide to Setting and Running a Hash Trail:

"A fantastic mixture of useful tips and grumpy-old-git-ness"

"This is the best guide to setting a hash trail that I've read all day. Apart from the old one and one on another hash website that I found."

"Before I printed this, I had no idea how to set a hash trail. I still don't, but I made some great paper planes with the unread sheets."

Special Events Coming Up In or Near Geneva

Other Regular Swiss Hashes

Selected Hash Events Beyond Geneva (yes, they exist!)

Many others at

For more serious running events in the Geneva region see and more widely in Switzerland at