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CHFH3 (Swiss Franc(e) Hash House Harriettes)

Runs every WEDNESDAY evening at 19:00 in and around Geneva, Switzerland, occasionally into parts of France. For the latest list of meeting points, consult the calendar (see above).

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LGH3 (Leman Geneva Hash House Harriers)

LGH3 (now disbanded) used to run every MONDAY evening at 19:00 and the occasional second Sunday of every month. Used to run in and around Geneva, Switzerland, often getting into parts of France. Volunteers needed to re-establish LGH3.

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The run fee is 5 CHF and is collected before the start of the circle. Please find the Hash Tax and pay up before circling up!!! The On-on fee is not to exceed 10 CHF unless stated otherwise as in the case of a restaurant On-on.

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